Saturday, August 15, 2009

Follow on from yesterday.......

Even though we were in the queue well before it opened we still had to wait for two hours. However, Beccy went and bought coffee and we played I-Spy, much to the amusement of those around us.
As we got closer to the front of the queue we could the sign hanging outside the Bristol Museum...I expect by now you've guessed we went to see the Banksy Exhibition, which runs until the end of August. After such a long wait it was a relief to get inside the museum. The first thing you see is the ice cream van. I have to confess I haven't visited the museum for many years and my daughters remembered the various artefacts they had seen as children. Banksy has very cleverly integrated his art and it was great fun finding all his pieces that were dotted about amongst the other treasures. I will eventually have some more pictures to show you, but if you can't wait that long look at the link above or here.
The sausage video, I showed you yesterday, was just one of the many amusing exhibits, a lot having a political message. I don't know how long it took to put this together but it must have been so well planned to have everything in place in such a short timescale.
We were talking to a member of the staff and she pointed out that new pieces are arriving over night so clearly Banksy sees this as a work in progress until the end of the exhibition. I wonder what will happen to it afterwards!!

I would certainly recommend a visit but come prepared for a long wait.

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At 15/8/09 15:54, Blogger john.g. said...

Was that the answer from yesterday?

At 15/8/09 15:59, Blogger ChrisB said...

John it was the answer.

At 15/8/09 19:34, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Keep on enjoying the family and the summer.

At 16/8/09 05:44, Anonymous wendishness said...

Shame about the wait, that would've killed me but it does sound like a great exhibition albeit weird one! I'm looking forward to more pictures from it.

At 17/8/09 01:12, Blogger lisaschaos said...

I love that ice cream truck! Wouldn't mind it sitting in my yard! I love when your family gets together! Even though you have so many miles separating you it seems you are all still so close!


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