Monday, February 02, 2009

Fun Monday # 101 Bookworms

Today Angela is very kindly hosting Fun Monday and this is the task she has set us.

OK, I know that pretty much all of you out there are bookworms.

So for Fun Monday on 2nd February, firstly tell me what book you are reading now. What's it about? Are you enjoying it and why? If not, why not?

Worms who mentioned worms because this is the book that I have been reading for the last couple of weeks!

Now as to the real assignment......I have to confess to having an ever increasing mountain of books that I'm still trying to find time to read. I haven't read a novel since before Christmas so I'm going to bend the rules and mention one I have only just started reading.
I've never heard of the author and I think it is going to be a light weight Regency romance. In my 20's I was an avid reader of Georgette Heyer novels and my guess is this book will be something similar.

I also want to mention the two little booklets that we had free with The Telegraph, newspaper over the weekend. The booklets are full of handy hints to save money and time and EmBee and I have enjoyed perusing them. I might even share some of the hints in future posts.

And secondly, Angela wants to know if we were to be stranded on a desert island, what one book would we take with us.

I didn't have to think for very long to realise it would have to be one of these books.

I can see you scratching your heads and wondering what sort of a collection. It's my photo albums long before everything became digitalised. So I think I would want to have a book of family photos with me should I be unlucky enough to be stranded alone on a desert island.

Sorry there is nothing here to inspire your future reading- Oh, I did buy Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates at the weekend (half price so got tempted) so I'm wondering if it will be on anyone's recent read today!

Enjoy your week; I will be visiting everyone over the next couple of days and you will find the other bookworms at Angela's place.

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2007: Good Neighbours

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At 2/2/09 18:07, Blogger Ali said...

I could do with reading those money saving booklets for sure!

At 2/2/09 18:30, Blogger Beccy said...

I bought The Reader, I'm reading it for my bookclub.

At 2/2/09 18:59, Blogger Asha said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 2/2/09 19:01, Blogger Asha said...

Great sounding Romantic book there, so what's the lady want to expect?

I have stopped reading about saving and investing money books, get depressed if I look at the market now.
I still have photo albums although husband loads them up into DVDs and CDs, I love leafing thru' the albums than staring at the pc! :)

Reading "Revolutionary Road" now but finding it little boring and hard to like it. Same old "married for long, hubby's middle age crisis, trying to find yourself and try to find each other" blah blah. Got enough of that in real life for me!!Hahaha!

At 2/2/09 19:03, Blogger Aoj and The Lurchers said...

I also got that booklet with the Telegraph....some of the suggestions in there had me howling with laughter!

At 2/2/09 19:37, Blogger Jan said...

Somehow I knew you'd work worms in. Haven't read Revolutionary Road, it's one of those like The Reader, I keep looking at but passing over. I hope you like it.

At 2/2/09 21:18, Blogger Hootin' Anni said...

Me too. I'd want to take scads upon scads of books for the desert island. Not just one.

Have a great week, and thanks for stopping by.

At 3/2/09 00:19, Blogger karisma said...

Only one book??? I would just roll over and die! I have read four books this week and I don't think I would take any of those ones on an island with me! Can we not just transport a library somehow?

At 3/2/09 01:37, Blogger Sandy said...

Brilliant! You are absolutely the best mom/grandma/daughter ever to take your photo albums along. I also read a lot of Georgette Heyer back in the day.

Great post, as always.

At 3/2/09 04:48, Blogger PJ said...

Jan left a message on my gardening blog that you had started a worm composter. I just ordered my worms today but I'm building my own bin system:
I also registered on "Worm Space": I'll be checking with you from time to time to see how it's going, I need all the help I can get. You might want to check in with Ilex on "Homesteading in a Condo", she's a professional worm farmer:

At 3/2/09 05:57, Blogger Gattina said...

I had to laugh when I saw the title of the book you are reading ! It looks soooo romantic !
I also love Georgette Heyer and think I have read all books from her.
Prepare a waterproof bag for your albums when you are going on a cruise, lol !

At 3/2/09 15:03, Blogger Molly said...

When I used worms for composting in my classroom, I used Worms Eat My Garbage for guidance. A photo album is a great choice for being stranded on a desert island... good thinking Chris.

At 3/2/09 18:23, Anonymous nikki said...

Oooo, photo albums are a definite must keep!

At 3/2/09 22:54, Blogger ChrisB said...

Ali some are OK but some are a bit OTT.

Beccy will I get it after wards?

Gattina I wondered if anyone would be thinking the same as me LOL.

Asha my mother has already taken RRoad from me so I won't get around to reading it for a while.

Angela embee and I were have a good laugh at some of the suggestions. One of the reasons I was thinking about using it for blogging.

Jan I think I might be getting a tad boring going on about them I'm sure the novelty will soon wear off LOL

Anni I do agree- just when there would be plenty of time to read.

karisma I spend too much time on the computer which is why my reading has decreased of late.

PJ thanks for visiting I intend to check out the links you left me. I'm going to visit my daughter later this week so may not get around to it until I come back.

Molly well you know how soppy I am about my family. :)

Sandy and Nikki I need my dose of family.

At 4/2/09 01:39, Blogger Faye said...

Snow in England? In KY we're just digging out of the ice storm of a decade--or perhaps longer. I'll take your English snow instead, Chris. A little is magic.

What a useful series for your paper to run--saving time and money, which we all need. Our paper is doing a careerfinder column every week--very useful since so many people are out of work.

I saw the film Revolutionary Road last week. It was so true to the times. There was a titter of laughter that ran through the theater when the hostess brought out the appetizer tray decoracted with the top of a pineapple--how 1950s. That was the only laugh though.

I got my Fun Monday post up a little late. Stop by if you have time.

At 4/2/09 10:49, Anonymous Simone said...

I lived in England for six years before picking up sticks in 2003 and dragging my English husband, kicking and screaming, to Australia, my place of birth. He's adjusting slowly, but still misses his football, his friends, his family and the pubs (Australian pubs aren't nearly as cosy).
One of the things I miss most about England (rest assured, it's not the weather!) are your wonderful Sunday newspapers. If memory serves me correctly, we used to get 'The Times'. It had great supplements in it too.

At 7/2/09 14:29, Blogger Killi said...

A worm book for a bookworm ~ so clever & practical.
Did you get to Dublin & if so, did you get home again? 2 of my babies are near(ish) you ~ bem & her husband in Cardiff & Llyw in Othery, Somerset. I only get to Bristol now when the ferry bus drops me off there! I left Somerset to run away to a mountain in Ireland & am now snowed & iced up on my baby farm, with younger daughter, dogs, cats, goats, ferrets, poultry & horses.


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