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I had a post all lined up for today, but then I saw the topic for the next Fun Mon and decided to keep the item for then. This left me with nothing of any real interest to write about. So instead I'm just going to give a quick resume of my day which will be totally boring even to me.

* 8:30 got up quite late and came downstairs in pyjamas. I don't know about you but I find it very difficult to get myself going in these dark mornings. I always find Jan & Feb very depressing months.

* 8:50 looked at emails and said hello to plurk friends while drining my daily cup of boiled water. Suddenly I heard the recycle lorry -it never comes this early and although we are supposed to have everything out by 7am I had not put out the bag of cans and foil containers. By the time I had rushed through the house unlocked and got to the outside gate they were down the road, having taken the papers and the bottles which did go out last night. I decided against running down the road after the lorry in my nightwear and I will just have a bumper load in a fortnight-or I could take them to one of the recycling bins at the supermarket. Note to self always but everything out the night before collection or get up before 7am I think you know which option I'll be taking in future.

*9:15 breakfast and my first and best cup of coffee of the day-need I say more! Breakfast is healthyish...muesli, yoghurt plus dried and fresh fruit.

*9:30 shower and hairwash. Quick clean of the bathroom.

*10:15 my mother tells me my brother phoned while I was in the shower and he is visiting in half an hour.
* we wait and wait and he finally get here just as I'm leaving for an 11:30 appointment he arrives. I just had time to make him a quick drink, give him some choc ginger biscuits which he loves and give him the jam Beccy made him for Christmas (Beccy if you read this he was delighted- he did take the hokey pokey the children made even though it's well passed it best (it was in an air tight container) and the glass he said was just right for his nightly drink!

*11:30 waxing-no further info but let's just say it was needed..good job you can't see me and last week I did get an email from some woman who thought I was a bloke LOL!

*12:10 called in to the bank to pay my huge credit card bill...I always pay it off every month, there is no way I'm paying interest! so this month my bank account remain just about solvent. Now have got to think about cheap meals for the rest of the month!

*12:30 arrived home to see my brother driving away from the house.

* letter waiting for me about a pension adviser was supposed to phone me Monday but didn't, I phoned him straight away ..surprise, surprise he was not in the office but I was assured he would be back at 4:30. However in response to my question what time does he leave? I was told at 5pm, the receptionist also said he already had lots of messages but she would ask him to call. I knew immediately that was her way of saying..don't hold your breath...and no he didn't call...I thought there was a recession and business was important....clearly not!!

* I spent the afternoon sorting out accounts, reading the paper, doing the crossword, and listening to the radio.

*4:40 quick phone call to Sam I was pleased to hear the scrabble game I sent her had arrived.

*5pm Embee arrived home- made dinner, watched TV, read a magazine, and felt bored so downloaded Bookworm Deluxe. I used to play this a lot at one time but then forget about-I think it will be good for my brain-I'm slow but haven't yet got burnt. Wonder if anyone plays this- I know Sam did at one time!

*10:30 decided that I would write this post because I wasn't tired but I didn't really have a topic, after I shelved the original one, which is why you got this load of drivel.
When you are retired, it's amazing how you can fill a day doing nothing very much and still think you have been busy. Two years ago, all these things would have been fitted around my working day. Come to think of it that was one of the reasons I was keen to retire, I always ended up working many more hours that I was contracted to do, and never had enough time for all the little things I thought I wanted to do. Now I think it would be nice to do something a little more challenging...seems I'm never happy or the grass is greener...on that point I think it's time to wish you all good night!

2008: Lucas Films at the Digital Arts Centre~Presidio
2007: The patient was laughing so that's a good sign

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At 9/1/09 00:23, Blogger karisma said...

Sounds like an interesting day! Now you have me wondering what Fun Monday is all about, I shall have to go and see!

At 9/1/09 02:57, Blogger Sandy said...

I had forgotten about BookWorm! Now I will have to download it myself. Thanks for the reminder, Chris.

At 9/1/09 03:42, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Makes me wonder how anyone has time to work.

At 9/1/09 03:49, Blogger Lisa said...

Hi Chris,
I can totally relate to what you said about working things around your workday when you have a full time job. I get so little done around the house as I have an hour commute to work and an hour back home in the evening, so with the 9 hours I'm at the office, that's 11 or 12 (depending on traffic) hours I'm away from home every day. I said all that to say this: It sure would be nice to be retired! :O) I would probably feel the way you do now, but have about 25 years of working to go, so I'll be happy that I have a job and continue counting my blessings!

I feel like I just "talked" your ear off! Sorry about that.

Have a blessed weekend!!


At 9/1/09 04:18, Blogger Beckie said...

I thought it sounded like an interesting day. I'm not yet retired and it beat most of my days.

I've never heard of BookWorm - I must go look it up.

At 9/1/09 04:20, Blogger Beckie said...

I'm back to say that I have a game on my phone very much like BookWorm - I play it every day!

At 9/1/09 06:21, Blogger Jettie said...

Well sounds like a well rounded day!!! I just don't have time for a job!! i love playing Cubis..but no time to do that for awhile!!!

At 9/1/09 08:38, Blogger Beccy said...

I just want to know who thought you looked like a man?

At 9/1/09 13:40, Blogger ChrisB said...

karisma it's back to the original show and tell idea which I love.

sandy I need to rattle the old brain cells LOL

AC it also takes me a lot longer to do the simplest task these days.

lisa I love reading your replies :)

beckie it's a good game I know I'll be playing a lot!

jettie you have a job and half caring for your lovely family.

beccy it was some woman who emailed me I thought it was a blogger. But really it was looking for men!


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