Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lucky me!

Today I've decided to show you my Christmas presents:
I know Embee likes to be praised and he did fix the magnetic board, that he gave me, to the wall yesterday-so he gets brownie points!
Until now the only place I've had for all my magnets is on my boiler. It's a very small surface area and, because I try to buy a magnet each place I visit, and I'm also given them as presents, it was full. So, you can see why I needed more display space and this is perfect. However, I don't think it will take long to fill it!

Embee also put up my magnetic knife strip(a gift to myself). Unfortunately, to do this he had to move two of the ornamental tiles I had displayed on that wall. The end result is all my knives are taking up less space and I can get rid of my knife block from the worktop. My best knife is the one on the right.
I had this digital photoframe from Beccy and Joules.Joules had put a lovely selections of photos ready for me to play and these are just a few of them (not a good quality photo on my part). I was also able to play the memory stick full of photos that Sam prepared for me when we were in Portugal, which is really great.

Beccy also made me this lovely Raspberry Jam

and the children made me Hokey Pokey. It was beautifully presented in a glass, but I forgot to take a photo before I put it into an airtight container to stop it going soft.

I was also given some money and I have now started my laptop fund!

Ben's Lego Train set.
I've also decided to show the video that I made to send to Sam. It is quite long and not edited so you might find it a bit boring! This is the lego train set that she gave Ben for Christmas. I think Dillon had as much fun as Ben and he certainly did most of the construction. The video shows it built as it was intended.
However, after a couple of days Dillon broke it up and made his own version of an engine. I think there is potential for a lot of creativity and much fun. It all had to be completely dismantled to go into a suitcase to get it home on the plane.

I was keen for Ben to talk to Sam on the video but he was not cooperating so there is a bit at the end when Beccy tries to get him talking by asking questions.

Now there is a story to this lego Sam won it many years ago in a competition, and at the time it was a very handsome prize; it has been very safely stored since then.

Sam you gave the boys a lot of pleasure this Christmas.

2007: London Eye View
2006: Hospital Treatment

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At 30/12/08 20:53, Blogger infredible said...

thank you

At 31/12/08 00:45, Blogger storyteller said...

How fun to see this visual presentation of Christmas gifts! Thanks for dropping by Small Reflections earlier. I'm sorry I've not been visiting as regularly as previously and hopefully once things calm down I'll get back in the swing of things. Happy New Year to you and yours ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

At 31/12/08 03:03, Blogger Alison said...

All your gifts are wonderful...thank you for sharing with us. I love the lego train set, I have never seen that before.

At 31/12/08 06:20, Blogger Jettie said...

Wonderful!! I love those digital frames!! Have A very Happy new year!!!

At 4/1/09 09:32, Blogger Steffi said...

Great christmas presents!


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