Friday, January 09, 2009

Brrrr it's cold!!

What is one of the worst things that could happen on one of the coldest winter days...

a heating boiler that decides not to work....which is what I found when I got up this morning.

Embee had gone to work and wouldn't even have noticed. I called the chap who services the boiler and left a message on his answerphone and waited for him to call back. I advised my mother to put on extra clothes and she had an electric convector heater in her sitting room so I knew she was OK.

I wondered whether to light a fire in the main sitting room, but decided against it as the chimney has not been swept for many years and I might well have ended up with worse than a cold house. I was imaging the chimney either catching alight or clouds of soot and smoke billowing back into the room-not something I was willing to risk-hypothermia seemed the better option!

Although we have done a lot of insulating this old Victorian house is quite difficult (and expensive) to heat. The kitchen faces north, never gets any sun and feels cold even in the middle of summer, so this will give you an idea of how it felt today with temperatures hovering around freezing.

I even put the oven on and baked a lemon cake just to warm up the kitchen. It was surprising what a difference it made, just the have the aroma of baking wafting through the house.

At lunchtime I had the all important call from the boilerman he suggested I re-set the boiler which, I confess, I hadn't tried to do as I didn't want to make the situation worse. As it happens, this was all that was necessary; the boiler immediately sprang to life and within an hour the house was warm again. So far (touch wood) it seems OK but it's an old boiler and I'm sure it's in the latter stages of its life. So that was my little drama for today!

In case you are wondering what the peculiar picture is...

...this morning I took some photos of spider's webs with ice on them and fiddled around to see what I could create.
The one above was hanging from the body of my car to the wing mirror.

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At 9/1/09 20:29, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Your photo is creative; your brain works well in the cold.

At 9/1/09 21:05, Blogger Asha said...

Photo looks beautiful.
It always happens, they decide to die when we need them most, specially in winter! Hope it holds up until atleast winter is over. Be warm! :)

At 9/1/09 22:21, Blogger WT said...

I recognised the photo right away. Don't feel bad about not resetting, we've all done that.

At 9/1/09 22:22, Blogger karisma said...

Laughing at you being so clever as to try resetting the boiler. Me and cold don't get along, I probably would have lit the fire and taken the risk! LOL. Seems to be a week for dramas!

At 9/1/09 22:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the photo.
Glad the boilers back on I hear it's freezing in the UK at the moment, My Mum's having trouble with her pipes!

At 9/1/09 23:10, Blogger Lisa said...

It's 78 degrees here in the Dallas area today. I prefer the cold weather. That lemon cake sounds yummy!!!
Glad your heater came back to life. It's no fun being cold in your home! Have a great weekend Chris!


At 10/1/09 05:48, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

I could tell immediately that was a cobweb! I love when they get frozen like that.

I hope your boiler stays together. Now is definitely NOT the time for it to crash.

At 10/1/09 07:11, Blogger A Spot of T said...

I've never seen a frozen cobweb like cool! Hope you stay warm!

At 10/1/09 07:55, Blogger Little Miss Moi said...

Dera Chrisb. Brr certainly sounds cold at your place! I too HATE fiddling with boilers - Me, Mr Moi and Little Miss Sproglet recently went and stayed at a friend's place in Salisbury (they weren't there) and we had to tinker with the heating. We got it up to a roasty 26 degrees or so!

Anyway, glad it was easy as resetting the boiler!

At 10/1/09 10:06, Blogger Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Oh thank gawd it was something relatively simple to put right again! I WAS worried when you Plurked about your boiler going bunk on you!

That's a glorious photo - the way the ice is acting on the shape of the thread is... woah!

Mal :)

At 10/1/09 11:11, Blogger Beccy said...

Glad the boiler was fixable, I know how cold your house can get!

At 10/1/09 20:10, Blogger giants fan said...

I love the picture!

and I got cold just reading that! I hope that the boiler lasts longer than you anticipate. It sounds costly to repair/ replace that.

At 11/1/09 02:48, Blogger Alison said...

that is a great picture, I am glad your boiler is "fixed" and the house is warm again. There is nothing worse than a cold house on a cold day.

At 11/1/09 05:59, Anonymous Kila said...

A spider web with ice--don't think I've seen that before.

Glad you soon had heat again!

Last time our furnace didn't work, I turned on the oven and left the oven door open, and it warmed the place up!

At 11/1/09 17:51, Blogger infredible said...

I had better not tell you it was 17C here yesterday, skies blue, no clouds, beautiful sun. I have just been out for a brisk walk up Potrero Hill this morning and today feels set to be even hotter. Maybe we'll go for a swim in the outdoor pool?

At 11/1/09 17:52, Blogger infredible said...

oops - this isn't really infredible, it's his better half - your eldest daughter

At 11/1/09 21:42, Blogger Beccy said...

I couldn't see infredible doing that!

At 11/1/09 22:42, Blogger ChrisB said...

AC I wish I could produce photos as good as yours.

Asha fingers crossed for not needing to replace it.

WT it has been trouble free for a good few years which is why I forget about the reset button.(doh)

Karisma I'm seriously thinking about getting the chimney swept.

Alix I sympathise with your mother -have had frozen pipes in the past but luckily not this year.

Lisa you don't know how thankful I am and don't things always seem to go wrong around a weekend.

karmyn it was not the best of shots to begin with, but it was fun trying out different filter in PElements.

joy we haven't had too many this yr I think the really cold weather has actually killed off a lot of the spiders.

LMM I think ours might really collapse if I tried to get it that hot!

Mal thank you for being concerned. That's what makes blogging such a wonderful community.

giants fan we just don't need such a massive expenditure right now.

Alison I can tell you it was like sitting in a fridge.

Kila there were a few webs around the garden on that particular morning.

beccy you are lucky to be so cosy :)

sam you are making me very jealous. I hope you did enjoy a swim.

At 12/1/09 01:43, Blogger storyteller said...

Sorry about your heating problem but the PHOTO is wonderfully creative. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,


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