Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Anyone for tennis!!

Recently my two youngest grandchildren (and their mother, Beccy) played in the Handicapped Championships at their tennis club. I won't explain the rules (probably because I'm not altogether clear about them myself). However, I do know that the better players start with minus points and the beginners with plus points...bet that's as clear as mud.
Ben who is a beginner only had to win two points to get a game. On the other hand Mollie had to win seven points but could have been playing against someone who only needed to win two.
Forget the scoring system the outcome was that Ben and his partner got to the finals and then were the runners up. He got a trophy and was thrilled...a couple of photos show him on court....I think he looks so cute in his oversize shorts!

Mollie won the girls singles and came runner up in the mixed with her partner, Aaron. So she ended up with two trophies. Mollie has a nice serving action as you can see from the photo below.
I'm very proud that they did so well and are really loving a game that I enjoyed so much until I was forced to stop playing a few years ago. I now have to content myself with watching it on TV or going to watch the family play when I am visiting.

2007: Meme

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At 5/8/08 23:55, Blogger Beccy said...

Can you tell Ben is a fan of Nadal?

At 6/8/08 00:12, Blogger SwampAngel65 said...

That sounds like a good way of scoring for young kids just learning the game. Looks like they had fun!

At 6/8/08 01:05, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

And I think Andy Murray has joined the top three and it's now a top four.

At 6/8/08 04:21, Blogger Alison said...

that is wonderfuls....great job Ben and Mollie!!

At 6/8/08 07:03, Blogger ChrisB said...

AC Andy is doing really well at the moment

At 6/8/08 17:06, Blogger Sam said...

woo hoo!

At 6/8/08 18:34, Blogger Jettie said...

OOHh I wish we lived closer to town so kids could take tennis!!

At 7/8/08 01:37, Blogger storyteller said...

How fun to see the younger generation enjoying tennis in this manner. I may be watching THEM play in championship matches in a few years ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

At 8/8/08 08:05, Blogger Steffi said...

Great pictures!Wow...Ben and Mollie!


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