Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday 40 Photo Challenge # 4 Sweet Memories

Robin's has given us a SWEET challenge this week!

I remember.......
Sucking and slurping
A round red delight
Cherry lips
Sticky face
Lasting forever
But bad for the teeth!

Sorry it's the best I could do!

2007: Witty Weds 7 Skinny Dipping

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At 23/5/08 11:54, Blogger Asha said...

Licking Lollipops or 'suckers' as we say here in US are the best childhood memory most of us have, love the photo. We also used to eat lot of Milk fudge or Halkhova in India too!
We are planning to seed some Gourds this weekend, it's hot enough. Happy and sweet Friday to you, have a great weekend!:))

At 23/5/08 12:01, Blogger karisma said...

You should be sorry that was bad, okay not as bad as me who is yet to come up with something! But really, Robin is a bit of a "pathetic eternally young person" to come up with this one!

Hey Robin...Pffttttttt!!!!!! (okay I am not sure how to say that in blog land. But imagine my tongue between my teeth and blowing the biggest zlerbert!

Sorry Chris but she knows what I am on about! Truth be told I hate these things, they stick them right at the cash register where the babies can cry for them. Shame!

At 23/5/08 12:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like, the picture definitely brings back memories, 20p mixes on a Friday after school. Would 20p buy you anything now adays?

I came up with nothing so I borrowed from the wonderful Mika!

At 23/5/08 12:54, Anonymous Robin said...

Whoa Nellie! Do y'all think Karisma LOVES this week's picture or what?? ;)


Chris, I think your entry is marvie, dear. It's just the memories conjured for me, too. There's just something about a lollie that screams childhood!

At 23/5/08 13:40, Blogger Carrie Sue said...

I love that! This week's challenge was not as easy as it looked.

At 23/5/08 14:30, Anonymous nikki said...

Good job!

I always got them stuck in my hair as a kid.

At 23/5/08 15:47, Blogger john.g. said...

Pretty good ,that!

At 23/5/08 15:58, Blogger Pamela said...

Mom just never let us have suckers or lollipops.
I don't think I gave many to my kids either.

At 23/5/08 16:30, Blogger PAT said...

We didn't have them often when I was growing up. It was a real treat when we got one, though. These would be in the "penny candy" category. Ah "penny candy"! That's a thing of the past, definitely!


At 23/5/08 16:37, Blogger ChrisB said...

asha we have a rainy weekend forecast~ not good!

karisma you need to get used to bad if I enter LOL!!!

Alix of course when I was growing up it was 1d (penny lollies) (you are far too young to remember the old coins!)

robin I don't mind being bottom of the class!

carrie sue you are too kind, but I'm grateful :)

nikki stuck in the hair I remember well with my girls!

pamela I was lucky as a kid (or not in retrospect); as my parents had a shop, my brother and I were allowed all the bottom of the jar sweets (candy) and sticky lollies!

At 23/5/08 16:52, Blogger Tammy said...

Ah yes, I always say those "suckers" hurt the teeth, you can just feel the sugar soaking into them, leeching out the calcium! lol, great post.

At 23/5/08 17:23, Blogger Sam said...

I hope no one reads your poem the wrong way.

At 23/5/08 17:38, Blogger Kim said...

Love this! Such memories come out in this poem. Way to go!

Mine's up!

At 23/5/08 19:19, Blogger hulagirlatheart said...

I could lose a filling just looking at it!

At 23/5/08 21:17, Blogger Steffi said...

Nice sweet memories...but such candy´s was not my favourits as I was a child!
Have a nice weekend!

At 24/5/08 05:57, Blogger Kila said...

Mmm, my favorite flavor!

At 25/5/08 02:52, Blogger storyteller said...

Definitely sweet childhood memories with this week’s prompt! Maybe bad for the teeth, but oh so tasty ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

At 25/5/08 05:20, Blogger kitten said...

I still love chocolate lollipops!
Good job!


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