Saturday, January 12, 2008

Snow was here..........

Yesterday afternoon we had a snow storm. It only lasted about three hours and then turned to sleet and rain but for a brief period the garden looked white and as it might be the only snow we see this winter out came the camera. I know this will seem as no big deal for many of you but for us snow is something of a rarity! I know Beccy is always envious of those who have snow!

Today dawned clear with just the hint of sun and no trace of snow to be seen!
The next thing I need to tell you is I'm in BIG trouble again with my other daughter. Sam is rather cross with me but how could anyone be cross with a sweet old lady like moi! Well it might have something do with this. Yes I won her 'Menu for Hope' prize after she specifically told me not to bid on it. Well what could I do, but disobey my daughter and incur her wrath as I know she was trying to make a lot of money for a good cause. I didn't think it would matter as I was not expecting to win and as she says ~ I don't even like tea! Of course the other prize that I really really wanted eluded me~ still never mind there's always next year!
Forgive me Sam I love you x


Hint # 2


Vinegar is a natural antiseptic, so use diluted to clean minor cuts or abrasions, and to reduce itch from poison ivy or mosquito bites. (not sure I would want to smell of vinegar!)


Relief for skin sensitive to shaving may be at hand. Elderly men who use this method regularly are said to have soft, smooth faces, just like a baby's. This is also good for rashes or pimples. Drink apple cider vinegar,honey and hot water every morning. The vinegar smell goes away very quickly when used as an aftershave (it would need to as not many men would get a goodbye kiss in the morning!!)

Allergy to Dust Mites

Add 4 fl oz (8 tablespoons) vinegar to a gallon of water to keep vinyl floors clean and shiny but kills the dust mites! (I guess this would work on laminates and tiles as well).

Athletes Foot

Try soaking your feet in vinegar and water. It changes skin pH so that fungus cannot grow. Soak three evenings in a row.

The manganese, magnesium, silicon and calcium found in apple cider vinegar have been linked in sustaining bone mass, which is important in the fight against osteoporosis. A supplement of cider apple vinegar could, for this reason, be valuable should you suffer from calcium shortage, or if you are entering your post menopausal stage, where a risk of bone density loss could cause a problem.

So to the winner(s) of my little quiz...
Enidd named 9 varieties
Kaytabug named 7 (beer? not in my book!) but also guessed there might be 15.
There are actually 26 main types mentioned in this book. If you both email me your address I will send a small prize.
Sam if verjus is a vinegar you named 10 so I did note that~ and I do believe you haven't looked at the book!!
2007: Why does excercise...

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At 12/1/08 11:25, Blogger Beccy said...

And all we got was a measly five minutes of snow last week which didn't even stick!

At 12/1/08 11:32, Blogger Beccy said...

I meant to remind you that I like tea!!!

At 12/1/08 11:34, Blogger ChrisB said...

The down side was that we had water come into the hall and I didn't notice and it's spoiled my wooden floor just inside the door and I'm so upset about that~ dad of course is highly sympathetic and told me to 'do something about it'~ that made me even more mad!!

At 12/1/08 11:40, Blogger ChrisB said...

beccy that thought had not escaped me but I thought you only drank peppermint tea now!

At 12/1/08 14:37, Blogger Alix said...

26 really? I'm enjoying your vinegar facts I never knew it could do so much.

The snow looks cool, shame it didn't last. Sorry about the hall.

At 12/1/08 15:25, Blogger Devon said...

Snow makes everything beautiful and quiet. What a treat for you!

I read Sam's blog yesterday and can't believe you won... did you really only buy one ticket?

That book on vinegar actually sounds interesting. I would never have thought to pick it up, now I'll look!

At 12/1/08 17:49, Blogger Kaytabug said...

26? Holly cow! Living in GE I came across Beer Vinegar. I never knew vinegar had so many uses!

At 12/1/08 19:15, Blogger Joy T. said...

Living where I do I always laugh when people comment on how much snow we get here. But I have to remind myself that there are places in the world where it's very rare to see snow.

At 12/1/08 19:31, Blogger my4kids said...

We only got a little snow like that most of the time in Oregon except for last year so I know what you mean about getting excited and taking pics of the little bit when it does happen.

At 12/1/08 19:51, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

I am going to try soaking my feet in the Vinegar.

I know, too much info - but when I'm pregnant I always have Athlete's foot....and the foot creams always have those warnings about not using if pregnant. So - since this is quite natural, I'm giving it a try.

At 12/1/08 20:00, Anonymous daffy said...

We had some flurries last week up north, I think Scotland had the worst of it but we are not _that_ far from the border. I can't deny how pretty it makes everything look, but I do worry about my little bird friends. Thankfully the nut feeders are full and the fatty balls are hung so if the snow does come my little visitors will not go hungry!

At 12/1/08 20:17, Blogger ChrisB said...

Alix I've become quite fascinated with it since I started reading it.

devon I actually bought 2 tickets, it's really a bit embarrassing!!

kaytabug have just though about it and of course malt vinegar is beer vinegar which is mentioned.

karmyn let me know if it works because I sometimes suffer and after reading this thought I would give it a try next time I'm suffering~ a lot cheaper than the creams as well!

daffy I don't feed the birds as all we seem to get is magpies and wood pigeons who have frightened all the other birds away.

joy we must seem a bit pathetic getting excited over a few centimetres of the white stuff!!

terri you are seeing plenty now!

At 12/1/08 20:35, Blogger Kaytabug said...

See and I thought they were different. Shows you what I know! :) I would think if different beers were used to make beer vinegar it would make for different flavors of beer vinegar.

I am learning way more about vinegar than I ever thought I would! I can't believe I am debating the different types and flavors of vinegar.

At 12/1/08 20:57, Blogger Pamela said...

getting a kick out of your vinegar facts. Some of those I remember hearing from the older generation who is now gone.

I knew it was great for mosquito bites etc.

but as an aftershave??? I'm not sure I could handle kissing that.

At 12/1/08 21:01, Blogger Jettie said...

hahhaa kissing or smelling it!!! i knew to there are lots of my grandma cleans her sink with it after washing dishes!!

At 12/1/08 22:26, Blogger lisa's chaos said...

Yay, snow! I love snow! :) Congrats on winning and thanks for the tips!

At 12/1/08 22:57, Blogger Tiger Lamb Girl said...

I'm SO jealous you got snow and we didn't! (hope you enjoyed it though;)).

If you don't like tea - I'll buy it off husband LIVES for tea:).

At 12/1/08 23:01, Blogger Tiger Lamb Girl said...

p.s. I love pouring bicarb of soda (just plain old soda to Americans) down the sink....then topping it off with vinegar. It works great to unclog the gunk and deodorises very well.

speaking of soda and tips -- I always keep an open container of soda in my fridge. It absorbs odours. I replace it every 3-6 mos.

At 12/1/08 23:09, Blogger ChrisB said...

TLG the soda tip for the fridge is a good one. I always dissolve soda in warm water for cleaning my fridge.

At 13/1/08 00:08, Blogger theotherbear said...

I'm almost tempted to wash the floors now just to try it. Almost.

At 13/1/08 00:15, Blogger Aoj & The Lurchers said...

You got snow!? That's not fair.....we've had nothing here at all!

At 13/1/08 00:49, Blogger Robocop said...

I still miss snow. Thanks for sharing the pics.

At 13/1/08 03:07, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

While that wouldn't qualify as a storm here, I understand that everything is relative. :)

Actually after a rainy and melty sort of week, there's not much left here at the moment.

At 13/1/08 04:50, Blogger Alison said...

Your snow pictures are beautiful. I am envious, living in a snow free environment.

At 13/1/08 14:27, Blogger ChrisB said...

aoj&tl it was so short lived you didn't miss much.

AC you must think us Brits are quite mad!!

alison I think we would really be classed as snow free compared to everywhere that gets several feet of snow for weeks if not months on end!

At 13/1/08 20:45, Blogger Steffi said...

Oh snow!We had here nice weather a little bit like in spring!


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