Sunday, November 11, 2007

Armistice Day~ Remembrance Sunday

At 11am on November 11th 1918, an armistice (peace agreement) was signed which brought to an end the war between Britain and her allies and Germany. November 11th is called Armistice Day in Britain, and there is a two-minute silence at 11 o'clock. On either the Sunday before or the Sunday after Armistice Day (on a day known as Remembrance Sunday) there is a ceremony in London at the Cenetaph. Here people remember those who have died or been injured in wars. The ceremony was first held in 1921. Over 1.75 million soldiers and sailors from Britain and the Commonwealth lost their lives in the two World Wars, and many more have died in more recent conflicts.

It is important that we do not forget all the brave people who died for their country or the families who have lost their loved ones.
November 11th 2006: Saturday Saunter

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At 11/11/07 10:07, Blogger Beccy said...

We will remember them.

At 11/11/07 12:01, Blogger her indoors said...

this is the first time in years that i was unable to go to Rememberance Sunday. but i did remember them

At 11/11/07 15:39, Blogger john.g. said...

I did remember them.

At 11/11/07 17:58, Anonymous Lisa said...

As much as I do not agree with the current war, I will never fail to remember those who do their duty, no matter what it may be.

At 11/11/07 20:52, Blogger Robocop said...

Have a good Rememberance Day!

At 12/11/07 01:34, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

For some reason here they renamed in Veteran's Day - I guess to honor ALL those serving (not just the WWs).

and yes, we will remember.

At 12/11/07 05:41, Blogger my4kids said...

I was going to say the same as Karmyn. We call it Veterans day but celebrate the same day and it has the same meaning.

At 12/11/07 19:55, Blogger lisa's chaos said...

Hard to forget and don't want to.


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