Friday, May 25, 2007

Let's celebrate 'Friendship Friday'

As I was eating my breakfast and reading all the posts about the surprise packages that have safely arrived, I was listening to BBC radio 2's 'Thought for the Day'. (A different person from many of the worlds religions shares their thoughts each day). Today's speaker, a Buddhist monk from Scotland, told us it is 'Friendship Friday today' which I didn't know. It is apparently being celebrated in schools which I think is lovely as you hear so much about bullying and bad behaviour. At the moment we have so much knife and gun crime in parts of the UK it is quite worrying. It would be wonderful if the trend could be reversed to create harmony among all children and their teachers. I cannot remember everything that was said but I do remember him saying friendship was about learning to be a friend to yourself, your neighbours and the world. I though this was very apt because are we not creating (albeit) virtual friendships through our blogging and the secret swap packages are a part of this so Frannie had the right idea.

I was helping my mother sort out some of her paperwork a few weeks ago and I found this reading which I love. She thinks it came from a magazine called ' People's Friend". I asked her to write it out for me and I now keep it displayed and I feel the words perfectly fit this special day and I hope you agree:

So many Gods
So many creeds
So many paths that wind and wind
While just the art of being kind
Is all the sad world needs.

If you have someone you have been meaning to contact or you know someone who is lonely or sad give them a call.

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At 25/5/07 13:18, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

People's Friend. I remember when we would get that magazine over here. I think it got passed along to us from others. Also something called Sunday Companion.

At 25/5/07 13:19, Blogger Asha said...

What a great poem and thought! If we all believe that and behave accordingly,this World would be such a glorious place to live.I feel sorry for the who are prejudiced against other's way of life.
Have a great Friday and weekend Chris.I am so glad I met you:))

At 25/5/07 13:20, Blogger Amy W said...

I agree, and I am very grateful for all the friends I have meant in this blogging world...Let friendship day begin...

At 25/5/07 13:36, Blogger The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

What a lovely way to start the day. Your post is marvelous and I will try to pass the spirit along. Pay it forward as it were. Thanks, new friend!

At 25/5/07 14:45, Anonymous Lisa said...

That is a most wonderful poem, I will be copying it!
It's too bad that since most of the world believes that, the ones who don't are starting the wars and causing all the problems.
I have made some wonderful friends since blogging, and I thank you all!
(Especially you, Chris, for your kind e-mail.)

At 25/5/07 15:27, Blogger frannie said...

what a beautiful thought! Happy friendship Friday to you, my friend.

At 25/5/07 15:30, Blogger Beccy said...

Granny kept a good poem there.

At 25/5/07 17:25, Blogger Chelle said...

What a beautiful thought and sentiment. Definitely something to think about (and share!)

At 25/5/07 17:43, Blogger ChrisB said...

AC I have a feeling my gran used to get 'Sunday Companion'.

Asha you are so right; everyone suffers for the action of a few.

amy it's just amazing how supportive everyone is in blog world; you can't help but feel uplifted.

wendy do you know this is not the post I sat down to write but when I heard that speaker I knew immediately that had to be today's topic.

lisa I just loved that verse when I read it; you have been in my thoughts today ;)

frannie isn't it uncanny how lots of the secret swap parcels arrived just at this time!!

beccy I found quite a few that she was throwing out and I have kept them and will use them in the future for the right occasion.

chelle hi thank you for dropping in; you picked a good day.

At 25/5/07 19:43, Blogger john.g. said...

I agree with Amy w, let 'Friendship Friday' begin!

At 26/5/07 00:35, Blogger headless chicken said...

Lovely words and so true.

At 26/5/07 00:44, Blogger Tiger Lamb Girl said...

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At 26/5/07 00:46, Blogger Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Hi Chris - thanks for visiting my blog;). To see your post after what I just posted today! I just laughed -- what a wonderful poem!! I think I'll get this printed up on small cards and leave them with servers;), or people who seem so disgruntled that they forget how to be kind.

I read your bio blurb and wow, I'm only about an hour away from you. What a small world!!

At 26/5/07 03:33, Blogger my4kids said...

Happy Friendship Friday!
I love the poem by your mother.
I like creating virtual friendships with people around the world! Its fun to feel like you know someone from all over! And the people who come to my blog are a great support.

At 26/5/07 09:02, Blogger ChrisB said...

tigerlambgirl I remember seeing the views from your lovely home (fun monday) and at the time wondered where you lived.

At 31/5/07 12:19, Anonymous Jessica said...

Hi Chris! You have a lovely blog.What a nice friendship poem!I wish there is only friendship in this world and let jealousy and terror come to an end.You'll find some sweet friendship ideas in my blog.Cheers!


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