Saturday, May 19, 2007

Surprise Parcel

My surprise parcel was posted yesterday afternoon so hopefully it reaches it's destination safely. I wonder where it will end up!!!!

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At 19/5/07 19:31, Blogger Beccy said...

knowing some of the contents I wish it was coming my way but I know it's not!

At 19/5/07 21:49, Blogger ChrisB said...

beccy so sorry!!

At 20/5/07 20:54, Blogger Steffi said...

My parcel is since Friday afternoon on the way too...I´m really excited now and hope the parcel will be not to long on the way!

At 20/5/07 23:13, Blogger ChrisB said...

steffi it will be great fun to open the parcels and take photos when they arrive. It's quite exciting.


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