Sunday, May 20, 2007

Race for Life

Yesterday dawned wet and windy but quite warm and as the morning progressed the sun came out in between the showers. Why was I so interested in the weather - well those who read this post will know that I was taking part in the race for life to raise money for cancer research UK. This has been an annual event for several years and although I've always supported friends, I've never actually taken part before. I entered the event a while back after reading lots of moving stories on the blogs I regularly follow, not knowing at the time that this evil disease was going to hit a lot closer to home.
By early afternoon the rain had stopped and although it remained windy the sun was out and we were raring to go (my friend Tina was also walking the course- you didn't think I would be running did you!!). Embee drove us as close to the start as possible and agreed to pick us up later when I phoned him. The setting for this event is the Downs and is very popular place for walks, kite flying, football, bird watching (peregrine falcon).
All the runners were taking part in a rather strenuous warm up and I felt tired just watching them so I decided a few calf stretching excercises would have to do for me. There were over 7,000 women and children taking part yesterday and likely to be the same number again today; so this is a cause close to many people's hearts.

Eventually were were edging our way to wards the start, runners set off first and the walkers followed. Although tinged with sadness when you read the labels and saw who everyone was racing for, there was nevertheless a tremendously happy atmosphere and everyone was determinded to finish the circuit.
My friend's son rode his bike up to give us some support and we stopped for a photo shoot as we overlooked the Avon Gorge and you can see the famous Bristol Suspension Bridge in the background.
The whole circuit was only 5K so it was not really very far, but it still felt good when the finish came into view.

Every participant gets a medal, along with a much needed bottle of water and a small goodie bag containing, samples of washing powder, deodorant, shower gel, moisturizer. Hmm do you think they're trying to tell us something!!! Oh dear this looks rather like a convict's photo!!
I think this will now become an annual event for us. When cancer strikes someone close to you, you feel so helpless and useless but by supporting cancer research through this event I hope that there will be more effective treatment discovered and a brighter future for the many people who are fighting this disease.

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At 20/5/07 19:22, Blogger BS said...

Does it make you feel real good after finishing one of these types of events? I know that I do. I participate in many types of these events each year (which I will post about eventually). The last one I did was The Race for Hope (Brain Tumor Research)and the next will be the Susan G. Komen National Race for the Cure (in Washington DC). Awareness is important right along side raising the funds to help get rid of Cancer forever. Bad weather is never an excuse for not doing it (I have done the Race for the Cure at least 9 years and it has poured during at least half of them). Great job and you should be real proud of yourself in helping to make a difference. Oh, and I walk too (just not a runner!)

At 20/5/07 19:23, Blogger john.g. said...

Yippee.....first! Well done you, and for such a good cause. I didn't know TESCO ran a prison system !!

At 20/5/07 19:25, Blogger john.g. said...

bs, where did you sneak in from?
Bummer, 2nd.

At 20/5/07 20:20, Blogger my4kids said...

Good for you in participating and yes cancer does strike a lot of people I actually know several including several family members so it means a lot to me when I see others participating in fund raisers for research because the research helps everyone not just that particular country your doing it in.
On another note the pics didn't show up for me.

At 20/5/07 20:49, Blogger Beccy said...

Not all the pictures are showing for me either!

Well done mum, if you start training now maybe you can run it next year!

At 20/5/07 20:52, Blogger Steffi said...

Oh,I canĀ“t see your pictures...

At 20/5/07 21:18, Blogger Pamela said...

pictures didn't load... but I got the idea.

At 20/5/07 23:10, Blogger ChrisB said...

Hi everyone
I'm really sorry and I don't understand why the pictures aren't loading they are coming up on mine immediately. Blogger has gone crazy since it started saving drafts. I had to create a second new post and copy from the saved one to get the comments to show up so I wonder if that created the problem. I'll try and sort it out tomorrow.

bs this is nothing compared to what you do each year, I'm full of admiration.

johng you'll have to keep trying to be first!!

At 21/5/07 01:19, Anonymous Lisa said...

Good for you, you should be very proud of yourself!
(As per Beccy's post, it's never too late to learn to run! My friends dad ran his first marathon when he was 62! That might be about right for me.)

At 21/5/07 03:02, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

bummer - no pictures.

I've been meaning to do this same walk here in Oregon. I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!

At 21/5/07 04:20, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

You did a very good thing. But I can't see any photos either.

At 21/5/07 04:52, Blogger mjd said...

Well done, congratulations for supporting the cause and for running the 5 K.

At 21/5/07 07:46, Blogger enidd said...

congratulations chris!

At 21/5/07 08:28, Blogger Beccy said...

Yipee, can see the photos now mum.

At 21/5/07 10:24, Blogger headless chicken said...

Well done, I'm glad you enjoyed the race!
My Mum and middle daughter did the race last year. I couldn't as I was heavily pregnant and with a dodgy back to boot! It was a good day. It's true, many people either have been or know someone whose life has been affected in some way by this awful disease.
This year my Mum, two of my daughters and me are doing the race in July. My husband lost his Mum to breast cancer when he was just 6. She was just 36.She left 3 children and a devastated husband who raised the children single-handedly and is now my husbands Hero.I also had a Grandmother,an Aunt,an Uncle and a good friend who died from cancer.My Mum will be walking for her best friend of 35 years who is presently fighting breast cancer.

At 21/5/07 12:59, Anonymous Jenny said...

Utterly inspiring, my friend.

At 21/5/07 14:21, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

Well done Chris!!

Unfortunately I can't get the photos up....... I'll have a look later.

Last year i took my stage school to teh Herefrod Race for Life, to perform, pre race for the runners.

Not this year though. To be honest, it didn't really work very well. ED and Sesnisble ahve run in it though for the last three years.

At 21/5/07 14:24, Blogger Sally Lomax said...

p.s We also then all gave out water to the runners afterwards - but they ran out of water and gave us cranberry juice to hand out!!!! POOR RUNNERS! NOT GOOD WHEN YOU ARE VERY HOT!!!

At 21/5/07 20:32, Blogger ChrisB said...

Hi Everyone
I won't respond individually but a big thank you for all your good wishes.


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