Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jam Disaster!!

Having bought just over three pounds of cranberries for just over £1.00 I thought I was going to make some Cranberry Jam. I found a recipe on the internet but sadly for me it didn't work well and the jam wouldn't set properly.

Embee very kindly went off to the supermarket to get me some liquid pectin. I ended up using the whole bottle and it still, in my opinion, remained too runny. I decided to bottle it and let it cool and see what it's like tomorrow.

After advice from friends on FB I might even try boiling it up again tomorrow. The stupid thing is that if my memory was better I could have used a very good recipe from Barbara and I would have ended up with good jam instead of the goo in the jars above.

Anyone fancy some tasty cranberry sauce! I think it would go very well with vanilla icecream, I might even try this tomorrow!!

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At 20/1/10 02:52, Blogger Sandy said...

I used to make cranberry jelly as a Christmas gift but I cheated and started out with the juice!

I like your idea of making this a would probably be lovely over angel food cake, too.

At 20/1/10 04:23, Blogger Barbara said...

Chris I was going to suggest stirring it through ice cream. You could also mix it with yogurt and fruit for a smoothie, over porridge in place of sugar or honey.

At 20/1/10 05:28, Blogger karisma said...

I have not tried to make jam before. I have the jars and everything ready and still have not had a go! I think you can still eat the jam runny. We bought Cherry Jam before and it was runny but nice.

At 20/1/10 05:33, Blogger Pamela said...

no no no no..wait. it will set.

I felt the same way about my grape jelly -- and then later it was too hard.

At 20/1/10 09:29, Blogger Beccy said...

Three pounds of cranberries for just over a £1 is pretty good value. When I made the jam I spent €20 on the cranberries alone (2kg).

At 20/1/10 14:49, Blogger Jan n Jer said...

Listen to may just sit up in a few days. If not at least you can use it for sauce. All is not lost!

At 20/1/10 18:42, Blogger Mal's Team Gherkin said...

I'm sure it'll come good for you!!!

At 25/1/10 10:33, Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

oh on icecream it will be just perfect and a great excuse to eat more icecream :)


At 25/1/10 15:27, Blogger Amrita said...

cranberry sauce is good too.


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