Monday, January 18, 2010

Fun Monday # 152 Chores I love to hate

I had every intention of joining in the last three Fun Mondays, and if you could see my drafts I have half finished post languishing there but somehow I didn't get around to completing them. Now that Embee is home, having retired at Christmas, I haven't quite been able to get into a new routine but I guess that's another story!!
Anyway back to the task in hand which has been set by Jill aka Lil Mouse and this is what she wants us to do:

This week’s Fun Monday post will be about chores. What is your least favorite chore? Vacuum get you down? Dust bunnies saying, “oh yeah, you and what army?” Is there a chore that you neglect doing it until the absolute last minute when guests arrive? Do you just pray they won’t look ‘there’? Are you going green with your cleaning? Top tips? If you have any ideas for anyone on Monday, post them in their comment box, because we all know that we LOVE comments!

Where do I begin I'm not keen on any sort of house work. When I was younger I used to take a real pride in maintaining a very high standard. I used to practically Spring clean every room each month-I must have been mad! I foolishly thought I could keep this up even when I had children but I quickly learned it was not possible.

Working full time meant I had to cram housework into the weekends and evenings. Once I retired I imagined that I would soon have the house neat as a new pin; however, after an initial onslaught, somehow in the three years I've been home I've come to resent spending my life clearing up after other people so all my chores are hated.

Now don't get me wrong that doesn't mean I don't do them but it is often with a bad grace. Although having said that I love it when everything is clean and tidy, sadly by the time I've put the cleaning materials away and look around there are muddles everywhere. So beware it's not only children that make a mess, elderly people are equally messy ...well they are in this house!!!!

If I had to name one thing I really dislike that would be ironing. My mother likes a lot of things ironed that I wouldn't bother to iron if it was for me. However, all the cotton things, including cotton bedding do get ironed and I usually wait until I have a full basket before I get the ironing board out.

One exception... I refuse to iron Embee's white shirts.... he complained once so I said never again. For a while he did wash his own but for many years he's taken them to the laundry. I haven't actually asked him what he intends to do now he's retired. He certainly can't say he doesn't have time or he's too tired to do them himself can he!!!!!
I'm not really going to give any cleaning tips but I will say vinegar is a good natural cleaner. I did run a series of blogs on the uses of vinegar taken from a very useful little book I have!
The photo below is my laundry basket (actually I believe it was my mother's basket and it's positively ancient) as it looks today; only one item waiting to be ironed it would be better if it were empty but I can live with this as it will be several weeks before I fill the basket and need to get the iron out!!

I'm rather hoping to pick up some good tips from everyone else and then housework might not be such a chore!!

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At 18/1/10 21:54, Blogger karisma said...

Yep Im with you! I don't like any housework (probably because we have so much of it to do!) Ironing I gave up a few years back when SB started working from home. The other day I finally gave away ALL but one of his formal suits and shirts. He does not need them and I do not need to iron anymore! Yay! (The girls do their own now and I dont buy the boys clothes that require ironing) MY clothes like my hair get a good shake! LOL

At 19/1/10 03:06, Blogger Lil Mouse said...

I can't believe you iron your bedding! That is crazy!

At 19/1/10 05:42, Blogger Sam said...

I hate ironing so much that I never do it.
I hate putting the duvet cover on the duvet.
I hate filling the tank with gas.
I hate washing and drying my hair.
I hate putting the rubbish out.

At 19/1/10 19:57, Blogger Beccy said...

Sam I assume tank with gas means car with petrol?

At 19/1/10 20:11, Blogger ChrisB said...

Jill I only iron the cotton sets (most are easy care and don't need it thank goodness. The cotton ones look awful if they aren't ironed only the outside of course!)

At 19/1/10 20:28, Blogger Barbara said...

I don't like ironing. I only iron clothes which ironing. I no longer iron pillowcases or tea towels. I've never ironed sheets.

I don't mind cleaning the house but as it is something that now exhausts me Bryan does it all once a week. Not as well as me...he doesn't move things to I go around moving stuff in front of him so he gets the hint. I love the feeling of a clean house, especially on a I know I have the weekend to relax....even though I no longer work. I do the dusting.

My mother was the worst housekeeper ever and I think it is because of that I'm the opposite. Her house was and still is a mess of clutter. I'm very minamalist with my decor.

I've become much less stressed about the housework as I've gotten older.

At 19/1/10 20:29, Blogger Sam said...

I never have to put petrol in my car, thankfully, since gas is one task too much already.

At 19/1/10 20:37, Blogger ChrisB said...

Barbara, what a coincidence I've just come from your blog! I've been printing your cookie recipe.

At 19/1/10 21:29, Anonymous Janis said...

Ironing is something I used to do alot years its very very little. I am a nut about getting clothes out of the dryer right away so they dont lay and get wrinkles.

At 20/1/10 05:37, Blogger Pamela said...

when I was younger and working - I ironed on Sunday afternoon watching football while the kids played.
I can't believe you iron her sheets. You should go on strike on that one. I know she's old and needs respect -- but not that much. bwaaa ha ha ha. You gotta say "mom, this is where the wrinkles meet the ...uh... wrinkles." snort

At 21/1/10 22:42, Blogger joangee said...

Late reading, thanks for sharing. Glad to know I'm not the only one who can't abide ironing. If I'm in the mood, it's schot too bad. Fortunately, most things don't requirse ironing.
Your post has brught back memories of school days; knife-pleated school uniform skirts! Oh the endless ironing required to keep then looking smart LOL


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