Monday, December 21, 2009

Fun Monday # 148 What's in the Christmas mail!

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date! The snow we had last night had to be cleared and it took me about three hours and I now have backache so I'm glad to be sitting down and taking a rest. Oh and today is the Winter Solstice so it's the shortest and darkest day of the year. Roll on the lighter evenings not that we'll notice it for a couple of months!

Right down to FM.
Today Faye is our hostess and she says:
Your assignment, should you decide to play, is to share some of your favorite holiday mail that you've received this year. Possible categories:

Best All Around Card
Most Meaningful Message
Best Kid/Pet Holiday Photo
Best Family Newsletter
Most Humorous Card

As it's Christmas this is what I'm going to concentrate on...
For the best kid picture I've chosen this one of my youngest grandson. I pinched it from Beccy who posted it on facebook and I thought it would make a perfect Christmas Greeting. I just love the expression on his face!

Although I get news letters from friends I don't get any family newsletters; however, I do get some hand made cards which I love...

Ben made me smile...look what he has written in his when I was staying with them last month he actually told me he wanted to stay in Dublin for Christmas and he's got his wish as his dad has some work commitments and they can't come until 28th. I think this might count as a meaningful message!

The other card I'm going to show came from my blogging buddy Daffy I love her blog and she supplies me with a lot of my material for my Witty Wednesday posts (not that I can share everything she sends ;))

I was thrilled to get this card so thank you very much Daffy.

Well that's all I can come up with today. I'll come visiting soon.

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At 21/12/09 21:13, Blogger Beccy said...

I didn't read the cards, that was so cute of Ben!

At 21/12/09 22:04, Blogger karisma said...

Lovely picture and cards. I have to be the worst at xmas cards. I rarely remember to send them out. I am so slack! Hope you have a wonderful xmas this year. Keep safe! xoxox

At 21/12/09 22:53, Blogger Faye said...

Ah, that Ben is a diplomat--he's setting you up to not be disappointed when he can't get to see you until after Christmas--funny about that. :-) And that little "gingerbread boy"! How long did it take them to decorate that house.

Now you have us curious about what your friend says on her blog that can't be shared just anywhere. Judging from her card, it will be creative.

At 22/12/09 03:25, Blogger The Church Lady said...

Oh dear, I forgot about the homemade cards. They truly do hold the most meaning, as they are from the heart. I have several from my kids this year and every year.

Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Christmas!

At 22/12/09 05:15, Blogger Sam said...

cuter than cute

At 22/12/09 07:05, Blogger Gattina said...

Very cute cards ! I think the use of sending Christmas cards and "News" letters is slowly dying out. thanks to the telephone and Internet it's so easy to communicate and tell so much more than you could write in a letter.

It's a bit like switchen from horse and carriage to a car, lol !

At 22/12/09 15:31, Anonymous Janis said...

I feel your pain about shoveling the snow...I did the same thing this past Sunday...oh my aching back! Cute photo of he is thinking when he can take a bite out of that gingerbread house. Merry Christmas to you n yours Cellania

At 22/12/09 17:29, Blogger Sayre said...

Love the expression! I wonder how long that gingerbread house remained untouched? Not long, says that impish grin!

I love the hand-drawn cards. Kids are so expressive when they work on stuff like that. Their real hearts come out and onto the paper.

At 23/12/09 04:01, Blogger Sam said...

I just knocked some cards on the floor and on picking them discovered there was a message on the back of one of them I hadn't seen earlier. It's from my niece and it says:

"I Drew mine before Ben. I didn't copy him, he copyed [sic] me!


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