Monday, December 07, 2009

Fun Monday # 146 Worst Christmas Songs

This week Cynicalgirl has set us this task as she asks:

What Christmas (or other holiday) song would you prefer never to hear again, and why? It could be one song in particular, or songs by a certain singer, or a version of a song you usually enjoy that grates on your nerves.

The first and probably only song that came to my mind is Madonna's 'Santa Baby'

Sorry if you like this one but it's a big NO NO from me!

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2006: Ronda

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At 7/12/09 20:39, Blogger wendishness said...

It gets a big thumbs down from me too

At 7/12/09 22:04, Blogger Lil Mouse said...


At 7/12/09 23:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another one I can do without! Thanks for joining in!

At 8/12/09 12:36, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I'm not too thrilled with this as a Christmas song, no matter who sings it.

At 8/12/09 14:22, Blogger Faye said...

Agreed, Chris. Some celebrity vamping is not my idea of a seasonal celebration.

At 8/12/09 15:02, Blogger Sayre said...

I hate "Santa Baby" in all its incarnations - it's about all that's WRONG with Christmas!!!!

I'm surprised it didn't show up on more FM posts, but honestly, there are so MANY awful Christmas songs out there...

At 8/12/09 16:00, Blogger Gattina said...

What ???? this should be a Christmas song ? that's horrible ! I didn't even know that Madonna sings Christmas !

Petit Papa Noêl existed even before there were records. It's a very old Christmas song in France and the french part of Belgium. My 96 year old neighbor knew it already as a child and her mother too ! I looked in the french Wikipedia to find out who wrote it and when, but couldn't find anything.

At 8/12/09 22:31, Blogger Barbara said...

I don't like it either Chris. Actually I don't like Madonna's music.


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