Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas Ornament Swap 2009

I have been very remiss in getting this post up. The main reason being that I"m trying to shake off a nasty virus and have not been well for almost a week now. Emma a blogging buddy organised a Christmas Ornament swap and I eagerly joined in as I've enjoyed adding new ornaments to my tree in similar swaps for the past couple of years.
When I returned from visiting my daughter and the grandchildren I had a card from the Royal Mail to go and pick up a package and I guessed it might be my ornament.
Imagine my delight when I found this lovely little snowman ornament in my package.

I also had a lovely letter from Jennifer, who is actually a friend of Emma's in Edmonton in Canada. Jennifer said that she had chosen the ornament in a store in Newfoundland and although she had no idea of my colour scheme, she made a perfect choice because many of my ornaments are red and gold.
I don't put my tree up until much closer to Christmas so I took the ornament into my back yard and hung it on the Bay tree to get this picture.

A big thank you to Jennifer for her lovely gift and letter; and I also want to thank Emma for organising the exchange as it's such fun to get a surprise in the post and I now have another memory on the tree.

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At 7/12/09 20:08, Blogger Beccy said...

How cute.

At 7/12/09 20:44, Blogger wendishness said...

That's so cute, I've participated in these before, it's a lot of fun!

At 7/12/09 20:49, Blogger karisma said...

Very cute! We also have not put up our tree yet OR done any xmas shopping. The word "hopeless" springs to mind but I just can't seem to get motivated this year. I have however, booked a dolphin cruise for the boys to go on before xmas. That should be fun. ;-)

Hope you are feeling better now. xoxox

At 8/12/09 03:33, Blogger Bethany said...

How cute! I got mine today with instructions not to open until Christmas Eve! I don't know if I can hold out!


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