Friday, November 20, 2009

China # 20 Terracotta Warriors Xian

One cannot visit China and not see some of the Terracotta Warriors. I'm not going to write masses about them but for anyone who is interested the link will give you a lot more information. Basically thousands of workers took more than a decade to create a life size terracotta army that was designed to defend the Emperor Qin Shi Huang's Tomb and protect him in the afterlife.

The museum site is very well maintained and the various buildings are called 'pits'

The picture below is said to be the site of the well where farmers were digging and found the first evidence of the tomb.

All the warriors have different faces.

Below there are still very large areas that have not been excavated because they have learned that one uncovered the vibrant colours are soon lost with oxidization(hope that's the right word).

Having just found a lot of draft posts from my trip to China in 2009 I have decided to post them even though they are not finished.

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