Sunday, November 15, 2009

The work of a fox maybe!!!

Now if you're squeamish don't look any further. Today we have found another decapitated hedgehog left on our front lawn. Last week I found one on our back lawn, and we are wondering if this is the work of an urban fox. There was also quite a large hole dug in the border under a bush. My friend (the one with the chickens) says that her neighbour had three ducks killed in a similar fashion and the bodies just left. I just hope that we don't find any more I rather like the hedgehogs even if they are flea ridden!

P.S. Talking to my brother he wondered if the culprit might be a rat; however I've seen no evidence of rats. What do you think!

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At 16/11/09 17:29, Blogger wendishness said...

Surely a rat wouldn't do that, not unless the poor hedgehog had already died.

That's sad though, poor little hedgehog :(

At 16/11/09 17:48, Blogger Beccy said...

Poor hedgehog, mustn't tell Dillon because he loves hedgehogs.

At 16/11/09 18:40, Blogger Lil Mouse said...

neighborhood dog?

At 16/11/09 21:25, Blogger john.g. said...


At 16/11/09 22:25, Anonymous Janis said...

I'm thinking a fox

At 17/11/09 01:50, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

It all seems a little sad and distressing.

At 17/11/09 01:57, Blogger Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Sounds like the work of a fox, sadly :(

At 23/11/09 09:54, Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

I think your hubby has an appetite for morning fried hedgehog heads :)

YUCK lol



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