Friday, September 12, 2008

Not a lot to say......

Today I am just doing a little recap on my week (the bits I haven't mentioned unless you plurk). On Tuesday I caught up with a friend when she came for coffee; this gave me the perfect excuse to make one of my cinnamon apple cakes. Just before my friend left my brother arrived bringing a ginger cake for my mother and some tomatoes from his greenhouse. I was pleased to get some tomatoes because my small crop was a complete disaster and went rotten before they ripened. The cake was still hot as he'd only just made it. My brother has turned into a good cook in the past few years and always cooks the evening meal ready for when my sister-in-law gets home from work (you can tell I'm envious). Pity EmBee won't be reading this.....why you may ask....

Well, on Wednesday, he left here at 5:30am to pick up his sister and take her for their annual week in France and Belgium. He says this is the last time he will do such a long drive in such a short time, but then he's been saying this for the past couple of years so I won't hold my breath. The bonus is that he stocks up our wine cellar while is is over there~ so plenty of champagne for me!
Also on Wednesday I took my mother back to the hospital for an ultrasound on her liver and we will be back there again on Monday next when she has to have a baruim swallow. Hopefully this will be the last tests she has to go through because it does wear her out. Generally, I would say she is a bit better than a few weeks ago because she is coughing less, so maybe that's a good sign.
Not a very exciting week so I'll leave it there! Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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At 12/9/08 13:19, Blogger kitten said...

Good for your brother! I put up a lot of green tomatoes to keep from getting rotten ones.
Really hope all turns out well with your mom! You sure are in my prayers! And here;s praying sending good vibes for embee while he is out on the road!

At 12/9/08 16:01, Blogger Jettie said...

OOHh for sweet!! i do hope your mum is feeling better too!!
And I wish my Grizzly cooked too!!

At 12/9/08 16:14, Blogger storyteller said...

Congratulations to your grandson on his academic progress … and best wishes to your mom. I’m praying for her full recovery and your entire family.
Hugs and blessings,

At 13/9/08 02:51, Blogger Barbara said...

I hope the tests are all OK for your Mum. Bryan doesn't cook either, but he does do the dishes and the housework. Weren't you tempted to go to France with Embee?
Congrats to Dillon on his results.

At 13/9/08 06:28, Blogger bermudabluez said...

That's great that your brother has turned into a good cook!! Actually my husband is a good cook as well. Have a great weekend, Chris! And I hope your mum's tests turn out all right.

At 13/9/08 08:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

cake, cake did you say cake?!
I would love someone to cook for me, or even clean or iron but alas I have to do it all.
Hope Embee has safe travels and brings you back lots of nice wines, I don't like champagne.
Hope you and your mum have a nice relaxing weekend x


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