Saturday, June 16, 2007

What kind of wine are you??

I have been over on the Blogthings Quiz site looking for some new quizzes for you to try. So take your pick.

What kind of wine are you?
Embee laughed at the 'dependable and modest' 'understated and polite' he has hurt my feelings but he's right on one thing Champagne or Chardonnay ?? there's no contest !!
You Are Chardonnay

Fresh, spirited, and classic - you have many facets to your personality.
You can be sweet and light. Or deep and complex.
You have a little bit of something to offer everyone... no wonder you're so popular.
Approachable and never smug, you are easy to get to know (and love!).

Deep down you are: Dependable and modest

Your partying style: Understated and polite

Your company is enjoyed best with: Cold or wild meat

Do you fight fair ?
Of course I fight fair- I know there are two sides to every argument but please tell that to embee and tell him I usually am right !!!
You Mostly Fight Fair

When you fight, you tend to remember your end goal of resolving conflict.
However, you can get a little too wrapped up in your own feelings.
Remember that there are two sides to every argument.
And even if you think you're totally right, you should take more time to hear your partner out.

What kind of cook are you?
I can dream because they got this one wrong!!
You Are an Excellent Cook

You're a top cook, but you weren't born that way. It's taken a lot of practice, a lot of experimenting, and a lot of learning.
It's likely that you have what it takes to be a top chef, should you have the desire...

What kind of drinking woman are you?
I'll leave others to judge this one!!!
You Are a Red Wine Woman

You're not a big drinker, and when you do drink, you go for the best.
You probably know a good deal about wines, and you know how to order a great bottle.
When you drink too much, you tend to flirt - but only in a subtle, understated way.
You prefer to date a man who's worldly and wise. He's got to be as sophisticated as you are.

What your hands say about you
Some of this could be true!!
What Your Hands Say About You

You are logical, analytical, and rational. You have good verbal skills.

Flexible and broad minded, you can fit in to any situation. There's no telling where your life will take you.

Consistent and reliable, you like to count on structure and routine in your life.

Your emotions tend to be nervous and potent. Your energy - both positive and negative - deeply impacts your life.

What kind of chocolate are you?
I've done this one before and I am NOT a white chocolate person
You are White Chocolate

You are White Chocolate
You are sweet, caring, and truly very innocent.
Whether your naive ways are a bit of act or not, people like to take care of you.
You are a quiet flirt, and your power is often underestimated!

What kind of a blogger are you?
Well my blog was intended to be a delve into my life- I just wish I could improve my writing style to make it more amusing and entertaining!
You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

Whats your celtic horoscope?
No comment!!
You Are A Cypress Tree

You are strong, adaptable, and striving to be content.
You're good at taking what life has to give - even if you don't like it.
A passionate lover who can't be satisfied, you are quick tempered at times.
You hate loneliness, want love and affection, and need to be needed.
A bit of a live wire, you love to gain knowledge any cost... and you can be careless at times.

If you decide to try any of these have fun and let me know how you get on.

PS Embee had a postcard from Ben today saying he had visited caves so Beccy if you read this please say thank you to him.



At 16/6/07 16:16, Blogger la bellina mammina said...

Wow! Maybe I should do this for my 100th post! ;-)

At 16/6/07 16:45, Blogger ChrisB said...

That's an idea. There are so many of these to choose from and they are fun !!

At 16/6/07 17:33, Blogger john.g. said...

I'm Chardonnay!! Lager at the weekends though.

At 16/6/07 19:17, Blogger Emma in Canada said...

I think I'll have to do the fighter one.

At 16/6/07 22:11, Blogger ChrisB said...

john I've seen this on a couple of other blogs and everyone seems to be Chardonnay, I'm beginnning to wonder if it's fixed on that !!

emma so do you fight fair!!

At 17/6/07 09:46, Blogger Barbara said...

Well I'm a chardonnay which is the only wine I don't like.

At 17/6/07 19:09, Blogger ChrisB said...

barbara I think that the only answer that comes up!!


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