Thursday, July 19, 2007

We're all going to the Zoo today

We're going to the zoo today,
Going to the zoo
To see lots of animals,
That's what we're gonna do! (song)

Well actually we went yesterday and had a lovely day as it was really warm and sunny. I haven't been to Bristol Zoo for years even though it's on my doorstep ( well a couple of miles away) so it was nice to see how they have altered their emphasis away from big animals. It was not too crowded and there were lots of children really enjoying school trips as here in England the school year is drawing to a close.

Ben decided to take his new bear " Fluffy' with him to enjoy the fun.
Fluffy was very safe in his car seat.
Before anyone comments Ben was also strapped in.
Ben found this to be great fun. He was learning how the loin marked his territory!! You can't see the water spraying out in this photo!!
There were lots of photo opportunities for Ben and Fluffy.
Of course 'someone' had to touch the Monkey Puzzle tree!!
No he's not in agony just roaring like a lion.
Not sure what we are doing this morning and Beccy and Ben are off home later today.

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At 19/7/07 10:53, Anonymous willowtree said...

I'm sorry, but I can't help laughing at this...I had a suspicion so I just went back and checked your last few posts, and apart from he last line of this one, you haven't mentioned Beccy's name at all.

I'm guessing Ben is the star attraction.

At 19/7/07 11:23, Blogger ChrisB said...

WT I will be in trouble for not mentioning her name(she's already accusing me of loving my blogging more than her see her yesterday's post) but you're right Ben is the star attraction. This is the first time he has been here without his older brother and sis so he is enjoying all the attention. As I write this he's out back feeding the tortoises and watering the plants (and that's because the attraction is using the hose)!!

At 19/7/07 11:34, Blogger Barbara said...

Funny I was also thinking so what's Beccy up to on this visit.

At 19/7/07 13:38, Blogger mjd said...

A day at the zoo with a grandchild is always a treat.

At 19/7/07 14:43, Blogger Asha said...

YAY!! We love Zoo too.
LOL @ "Agony or angry*!!!!

At 19/7/07 16:45, Blogger john.g. said...

'He's learning how the loin marks his territory.?' Bit young isn't he? lol.

At 19/7/07 17:04, Anonymous wolfbaby said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time;)

At 19/7/07 17:11, Blogger ChrisB said...

Barbara I think these last few posts have been done so hastily and I did suddenly realise, myself, that I hadn't mentioned Beccy.

mjd this being Ben's first trip alone (well with his mum) made the visit very different.

Asha Ben can be soss dramatic when he chooses- maybe he'll be an actor!!

john you can imagine how much fun and the comments all the kids were making when they pressed the button- I tried to get the stream of water but it didn't show up!!

wolfby the house feels incredibly quiet now they've gone!

At 20/7/07 00:15, Blogger Sam said...

ben is adorable

At 20/7/07 08:22, Blogger ChrisB said...

sam he's a handful as well a real live wire!!

At 20/7/07 10:42, Blogger Beccy said...

Soss? is that a Gloucestershire word?

At 20/7/07 11:41, Blogger ChrisB said...

beccy it was meant to say 'soo soo' for emphasis!!

At 20/7/07 17:11, Anonymous nikki said...

Oh the cuteness of Ben and his Bear. I don't think I can take it!

At 20/7/07 17:16, Blogger ChrisB said...

nikki he really took good care of his bear, feeding it, taking it for rides, and would you believe bear has his own mob phone- kids are too sophisticated these days!!


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