Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 22 What a relief!!

Went for my regular eye test yesterday.......was it really 2years since the last check!!  I was really expecting the optician to find enough deterioration to recommend a new prescription but no she was very good said my eyes had hardly changed. She did ask if I was happy with the frames and are you surprised I said 'yes thank you'. The frames are the most expensive part of getting new specs and as there is nothing wrong with my current ones why would I spend money when you there's no need!!!!
So I will continue with these.....

The optician decided that as I might have the beginning of a cataract she would see me in one year rather than two... I can live with that!

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At 22/11/13 14:28, Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I also seem to be in the pre-cataract stage.

At 22/11/13 16:08, Blogger John Greenwood said...

Dad's had cataracts in both eyes, and a detached retina!

At 22/11/13 17:52, Blogger Beccy said...

I need to go for an eye test. They've given up reminding me!

At 25/11/13 15:41, Blogger Pamela said...

We must be on the same schedule. I went to my yearly exam last week. I broke my hinge on my glasses -- and they also did a temp fix. Had to order a brand new part at $100. I think that may be why I have put off going back to get it fixed. $igh.


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