Tuesday, August 25, 2009

China # 14 Silk Factory Outlet and a new book

I'm just about to start reading this book lent to me by a friend. I think it is going to be very interesting.As China is the leading country for silk production no trip would be complete without a visit to a silk factory outlet. Here we were shown how the silk is produced. I'm not going into the nitty-gritty even if I could remember it, but I did find this this information if you are really keen to learn more. I'm sure the pictures will give you an idea of the process.This little chap (moth caterpillar) eats masses of mulberry leaves to start the process.

I don't think this lady looked too happy with her job or maybe she was fed up with tourists and just wanted to get on with her job!As you can see from the pictures below we were encouraged to help expand the layers of silk, which are, of course, incredibly strong. After we had been through the factory we were taken to the show rooms (shop). I don't have any pictures but it was full of beautiful silk items. My friend, Anna, bought herself two silk jackets and they were just a fraction of the cost you would pay in the UK. I would have loved some of the silk blouses but alas I'm too large for such delicate things. I did, however, buy myself a king size silk duvet and it cost me £72 which I thought was a bargain. It came packed in a carrying case (my other friend, Tina also bought one) which meant we had to lug them around for the rest of the trip.Mine was on the bed as soon as I returned home and although, it is very light it is so beautifully warm and luxurious. It's packed away at the moment but will be out as soon as the nights get a bit cooler. So it was well worth the effort of getting it home. I did get it in my suitcase and stayed within permitted weigh!

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At 26/8/09 02:57, Anonymous wendishness said...

Very fascinating isn't it, never really put much thought into how it's made etc. Is the duvet slippery at all on the bed?

At 26/8/09 08:46, Blogger Steffi said...

Very interesting post and great photo´s,Chris!

At 26/8/09 09:04, Blogger ChrisB said...

wend the duvet isn't slippery I use a cotton cover. I was tempted to buy a silk one but didn't for that very reason.

At 26/8/09 18:16, Blogger Amrita said...

Really found this interesting Chris. In India too we have a thriving silk industry.

Please show us your silk duvet spread out if you can.

At 26/8/09 19:28, Blogger The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

Totally cool! I want one of those Duvets!!! The pictures are gorgeous and very interesting! I've pulled out silk and spun with it - it is an amazing fiber!

At 27/8/09 15:50, Blogger ChrisB said...

Amrita, it wouldn't make a very interesting picture it's just plain white!

PW sorry not parting with mine Hehe!

At 28/8/09 15:35, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

Silkworms have always fascinated me. I wonder how the Chinese figured that out so long ago....who was the first Chinese to think "hey, I might be able to make fabric out of that?"

At 30/8/09 11:10, Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

Those same duvets are in lidls for £29 LOL..... it would of saved you lugging it around LMFAO

I only joke :)



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